Your pond coming soon…


Watford’s historic pond dates back several hundred years, and we’re safeguarding it’s future.


Renovation of the pond is being carried out carefully, respecting the pond’s historic structure. The Pond’s original wall will be protected by a state of the art waterproofing system used to seal the tanks at the London Aquarium, and is safe for all aquatic life.


Also installed is a robust, state of the art new waterpoofing and filtration system. This will entail 12 new drum bed filters and new new UV filters to remove unwanted algae, and new pond plants and fountains will help to oxygenate the water and support aquatic life.


The new bridge will improve accessibility and interaction with the pond and provide shade which will also help reduce algae growth in the water during the summer months.


The pond will soon be refilled with water and the pond’s original fish, who are keen to reclaim their former home.


Up to 53 new trees will be planted in The Parade, include a line of sliver birches at Rickmansworth end of The Parade, screening off the traffic. Field maples will decorate the main concourse, and the pond will be a focal point for the town’s amazing Big Events street theatre programme starting in June.


1 Response to “Your pond coming soon…”

  1. 1 John Reeve June 9, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    I did wonder, when I heard that problems completing the pond had arisen due to soil instability (?) beneath it, that it could be due to springs just there. The pond was originally used to wash horse-drawn carts, and had sloping entry and leaving points, also a horse watering trough. My memories and those of my elderly Watford-born neighbours were that the pond had originally been put there because of the water availability in the late 1800s. That would seem to point to a spring(s) nearby.

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