Pond Works Progressing Well

The transformation of Watford’s iconic pond continues, with the installation of water filtration, lighting and granite steps.

The new state of the art filtration system will be supplemented by UV filters to remedy algae, and keep the water cleaner for the fish. To further aerate the water, three new fountains will be put in.

Also being installed is a self-healing pond liner. The liner consists of two layers of canvas separated with a layer of clay. The clay ingeniously acts as an adhesive in the event of damage to the canvases.

The structure of the pond’s new bridge is now in place. When complete it will have illuminated hand rails. The bridge will have a wooden decked surface. Either end of the pond will have a stepped seating area leading to the water’s edge.

The pond will be a focal point of a new events and arts space, with the new Parade able to accommodate up to 2000 spectators.

The events space will be ready on time for Watford Borough Council’s Big Event’s Programme – the largest ever outdoor entertainment programme to happen in the town. Events planned will encompass dance, film and music and the new space will host Watford’s flagship events, Imagine Watford and Watford Live!

Completed paving improvements to The Parade now stretch from Clarendon Road to Yates’s Pub. The next step will be to plant 37 new trees, which along with the retained trees, will create a greener space.

Laura Ormerod, of the Landscaped Architects BDP says: “The scheme will create an elegant, more accessible and comfortable environment for both pedestrians and cyclists. It will also retain and enhance the setting of the pond which has been there for over 100 years.”

Alan Gough, Head of Community and Customer Service at Watford Borough Council said:

“The pond and the new events space will be much more accessible, providing a cleaner environment and a brilliant place to watch outdoor art.”

The pond’s fish have been safely housed in aquariums while they await their new home. Once the water has been returned to the pond the fish will follow. It also hoped that the town’s faithful heron will return to the pond, and those spotting the heron are encouraged to tweet @WatfordCouncil #heronspotted.


Above: Image of the pond during construction works

Panorama 3 revised

Above: Artists impression of the finished scheme


1 Response to “Pond Works Progressing Well”

  1. 1 Sue March 19, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    The fish won’t last long if the heron returns!

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