Business Open As Usual

Work is progressing well on The Parade. The contractor Aggregate Industries have been busy since April progressing the scheme,  ensuring disruption to local businesses and residents is kept to a minimum.

Yorkstone paving slabs have been reclaimed and reused to create a more simplified paving along the edges of The Parade, with new granite paving now being laid in the centre.

The road closure is now fully in place and improvements to disabled parking, taxi and loading bays are complete.

New lighting columns are going up from this week with new street furniture and signage introduced any day. The trees, currently providing some much needed shade, are having new and improved tree pits installed as part of the works.

The Imagine Watford festival was a big hit again with residents and visitors. Thanks to all those businesses who got involved and ran special offers relating to the festival. The contractor and organisers worked together closely to ensure the event could go ahead despite the works.

The artist impression below above gives you an idea of what this section of The Parade will look like once works are complete. We hope you’ll agree it’s a big improvement!

We continue to promote the ‘business as usual’  message so visitors understand that all the businesses on The Parade are open and trading.

For any queries please get in touch with Philip Priest, Public Liaison, Aggregate Industries Construction, on tel: 07927 756620.

Alternatively you can pop into their offices at 137A The Parade. It is the blue door next to the nail salon (Glamorous Nail & Beauty Care).

You can also contact Watford Borough Council Project Officer, Huw Hamer, on tel: 01923 278243 or by email at:

The Parade After Improvements


1 Response to “Business Open As Usual”

  1. 1 Sue July 24, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    No seats?? No bike racks??

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