Works Progressing!

Works progressing

Work is progressing well on The Parade. Existing Yorkstone paving has been reclaimed from outside 88-110 The Parade to be used further down the road. A temporary tarmac surfacing has been laid, to allow the Imagine Watford festival to take place, and to give those businesses affected a respite from works outside their shops.  The reclaimed Yorkstone is being used along The Parade to simplify and repair the existing Yorkstone and new granite paving and improved tree pits and street furniture will soon start to be installed.

Improvements have also already been made to the taxi rank on Albert Road South and changes to the layout of the Gade Car Park exit and improved disabled and loading bays are well underway.

Road closures

You will be aware from the council’s earlier consultation that the whole of The Parade will become a pedestrian and cycle zone by limiting vehicular access to emergency and maintenance vehicles with permits only.

The design aims to enhance The Parade and reduce clutter creating many benefits to locals, visitors, pedestrians, those with disabilities, cyclists and businesses alike as it improves visibility along the street, circulation, access and space for licensed outdoor dining.

Formal consultation was carried out on the new Traffic Regulation Orders in March 2013 and no objections were made. This order will come into effect from 17 June 2013 and will prohibit motor vehicle access within The Parade, other than by emergency and highway / infrastructure maintenance vehicles.  Cycle access will be retained and access permits will be made available for those requiring service access and those organising approved events taking place within The Parade.

The diagram and links below show the changes, diversion route and signage that will soon be in place. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Aggregate Industries Site Liaison Officer, Philip Priest, on tel: 07927 756620 or visit the offices at 137A The Parade Watford

Through Road Letter Image June 2013 Watford diversion-00(1)

Watford diversion-00(2)



2 Responses to “Works Progressing!”

  1. 1 Sue June 5, 2013 at 10:48 pm

    It’s a great pity that the proposed sign doesn’t say ‘Pedestrian and cycle zone’. Just saying ‘Pedestrian zone’ will cause pedestrians to think cyclists are breaking the rules by riding their bikes in the area, when in fact they will be perfectly entitled to be doing so. PLEASE put up a sign that tells the truth.

    • 2 lauraormerod June 6, 2013 at 11:10 am

      Hi Sue,

      thanks very much for your comments. We agree. It is our intention to try and give more emphasis to cycling in the signs but the pedestrian zone signs are constrained by legislation over what can be placed on these types of sign. WBC are in discussion with the Department for Transport over what they allow us to do.

      Many thanks

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