What students would like to see in the top of the town

As part of our design process we have been very busy over the past few months researching, fact finding and consulting with as many different groups of people as possible to find out what you want to see in the top of the town. We are listening carefully and integrating your suggestions and comments into our design thinking. As part of this process we asked students for their opinions and this is what they said:

  • Students would like to see more seating areas. Perhaps some sheltered seating for rainy days.
  • They like the idea of sheltered bike racks and more signage including; don’t feed ducks/throw litter and You Are Here maps showing popular attractions and the closest train station. More bins would be welcomed.
  •  They would like hire bikes similar to ones in London.
  • Students feel strongly about the pond being cleaned more regularly. They would like to see it refurbished and the size possibly reduced but not removed.  They also suggested one side could be turned into a grassed area
  • They would like to see a lot more flowers, trees and grassy areas for picnics on sunny days.
  • They would welcome more lighting outside night clubs.
  • They would like the opportunity to display work by college students within the new scheme.
  • More sculptures would be welcomed and artwork that shows the history of the town centre.
  • They would like to generally see more colour and vibrancy in the space.
  • They would like better pick up points for nights out and improved security/police for after night clubs shut.
  • Students would like pop up toilets for females as well as males.
  •  They feel some of the shop fronts are a bit outdated and could be upgraded and improved.

Keep letting us know your thoughts about the space and what you would like to see in the future. We are really grateful for all your feedback and views, and will be taking them into consideration as the project progresses.


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